Su próxima generación de PlayStation 5 pesa como un bebé recién nacido grueso


  • PS5 weighs 4.78 kg according to a listing on Amazon Germany.
  • Multiple listings have appeared on Amazon Australia and reports have surfaced of people successfully pre-ordering the console in-store in Ireland.
  • Rumors suggest Sony plans to announce the price, release date, and pre-orders later on today.

If there’s one certainty about Sony’s PS5, it is surely that it’s among the biggest machines to ever emerge from the console space.

According to a PS5 listing on Amazon Germany, that imposing stature also comes with the heft to match. 4.78 kg to be exact – the weight of a plump newborn baby.

The console weighs 4.78 Kg according to Amazon Germany. | Source: Amazon DE

We can be confident that fans will treat it, judiciously or not, with the same care and bestow upon it similar affection. Those would-be owners may not have long to wait to put their hands up for a slice of the launch day stock.

PS5 pre-order pages are beginning to crop up; the most high profile is a string of listings on Amazon Australia. These include the console itself, its presumably cheaper digital-only sibling, the DualSense controller, charging station, and various other PS5-linked peripherals.

The listings are light on content; they lack a price and in-depth description other than a brief blurb. They exist, though, and that’s surely a sign that something is afoot.

A Twitter user also reports pre-ordering a PS5 Digital Edition at a GameStop in Limerick Ireland with receipts at hand to prove it. They explain:

I just went to GameStop in Limerick (Ireland) to sell the Xbox One. They asked me if I’m interested to pre-order the Series X or PS5. So, I decided PS5.

Twitter user reports pre-ordering a PS5 from GameStop Ireland. | Source: Twitter

Another chimed in to reveal a similar experience where they put down €50 on a PS5 after trading in a PS4.

Others reported similar success pre-ordering the console. | Source: Twitter

Confidently uttered rumors circulating among insiders and the growing PS5 community say today is the day. Sony is reportedly gearing up to reveal the price and release date and to launch pre-orders later on today at 12:30 pm PT/9:30 pm CEST.

As they say, there’s no smoke without fire. Don’t be surprised if Sony publishes one of its impromptu PlayStation Blog info drops later on today.

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