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The daughter of a Nigerian politician has been released after her father paid the kidnappers a $15,000 bitcoin ransom.

On Saturday, Ai’sha Ardo, the daughter of Umar Ardo, a chieftain of the major Nigerian political party the People’s Democratic Party, endured a harrowing kidnapping in the country’s capital city of Abuja.

The chieftain was contacted by one of the kidnappers the next day. The assailant told the politician that his daughter would be returned safely, but only if he paid the $15,000 ransom. Ardo told local news outlet Daily Trust that the kidnappers warned that he would “never see [Ai’sha] again alive” if he refused their demands.

Not a Pleasant Introduction to Bitcoin

Ardo, who had never used bitcoin before, said that he needed help to pay the cryptocurrency ransom. His daughter was subsequently released in the district of Gwarimpa, and Ardo thanked the people of Nigeria for their support during the ordeal:

“I’m glad to inform all and sundry that my daughter, Ai’sha, has been released by her abductors. I collected her somewhere around Gwarimpa where they dumped her by the roadside. She is safe and sound. I thank you and all Nigerians for the support given to me during these trying hours. I appreciate it.”

Ai’sha was one of five individuals reportedly kidnapped in Abuja this past weekend. According to Daily Trust, 34 people have been kidnapped in the city since the start of the year.

Unfortunately, kidnappers who demand bitcoin ransoms do not always free their victims. Just this week, a US sportsbook creator was found dead a year after his wife had paid $1 million in bitcoin to his abductors.

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